Elephant Tattoo Meaning – Design Variations and Placement Ideas

What is the first thing that strikes you when you see an elephant? For most of us, it is their huge body and the trunk. However, beyond that huge image you see, you will learn that elephants are very calm and affectionate.

It is for these reasons that elephant tattoos are very popular. However, before you can wear an elephant tattoo is prudent to understand what an elephant tattoo means.

What does an elephant tattoo mean?

1. Power and strength

By their nature, elephants are considered to be one of the most powerful animals in the world. It is this strength that gives them the ability to travel through miles of rough terrains in search of food, water, and shelter.

2. Intelligence

Elephants are revered for their unrivaled memory capacity which makes them highly intelligent wild animals. Their high intelligence is also drawn from the fact that elephants have excellent focused power.

3. Good luck

Wearing an elephant head tattoo is a sign of good luck. Among the Hindu, the god of success is depicted with the head of an elephant. The elephant trunk will mostly invoke good fortune if it is facing up.

4. Fresh beginnings

An elephant tattoo symbolizes blessings upon new projects. More so, an elephant is a symbol of unwavering patience and grace. These are the key qualities anyone would need to make a fresh a beginning.

5. Royalty

Among the Asians, an elephant is closely associated with royalty and spirituality. Among the Indians, elephants are taken to be sacred animals that bring fertility.

Variations of elephant tattoos

Baby elephant

The design of a baby elephant is quite popular. Most wearers choose this design to depict the caring nature of an elephant. This design is perfect for cool young girls.

Cartoonist elephant

A small cartoon playing musical instruments such as guitar or blowing a trumpet is a beauty to behold. You can add some musical notes like the G-clef alongside the art to make even more eye catchy.

Small elephant family

Elephants are known as one of the closely knit family animals. They take good care of their young ones and will always be seen walking in packs.

Elephant with another animal

To depict its friendly nature, you can wear a tattoo that is leading another animal; say a horse or a dog. As a parent, this could act as a way to remind yourself that you should offer good leadership to your kids.

Meaning of a tattoo’s body placement


Wearing an elephant tattoo on the neck means you are an impersonal person though in a good way. Being impersonal is not a bad attitude in that it speaks of a person who cares less about what the rest of the world thinks. It could also mean that a wearer is a risky person who is always ready to take bold choices.


The chest is a body part that is rarely exposed. Placing a tattoo on the chest often symbolizes affection. You can place a small elephant tattoo on your chest to show your deep love for your family. It also shows one’s readiness to protect their family with all their might.


The back part is one of the popular body placement parts. But did you know that placing a tattoo on the back means you are a mysterious person or have moved on from your past? With an elephant tattoo, it can only mean that you are mysterious in a huge way.

Bottom line

Elephant tattoos are ideal for both men and women. They can be customized to give a masculine and feminine style by adding different elements. You have the choice of medium, small and large designs adorned in their natural colors or other colors outside of what we know elephant to look like.