Best Eyelash Glue Review

Every woman wants incredible lashes. Some, they are simply born that way, but for many of us, it takes more than a little work to present the eyes we want to the world. Let’s be honest here, sometimes no matter how amazing our mascara is, it just can’t do the job. Thankfully, the solution can be found in eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, what makes or breaks this wonder of modern invention is the glue. Seriously, bad glue creates a mess that no one wants to deal with and who wants to lose a lash in the middle of lunch? For that reason, we are going to take a look at some of the best glues available so your eyes have all the staying power you need.

Duo Striplash Adhesive

I’d like to start with Duo Striplash Adhesive. What exactly do I love about this product? Let’s start with something very basic for most of us. Yes, I’m talking budget. But don’t let the low cost fool you. Duo is still one of the top selling brands in the entire world and for some seriously valid reasons. This tiny tube fits almost anywhere. I can take it along in my favorite date purse or even in a pocket so I’m always ready if things get a little too lose. It dries absolutely clear which is great because no one wants the world to see our beauty secrets. And, I can’t overlook how insanely easy it is to use. Just one thin line and 30 seconds later, I’m ready to go.

Cardani Latex Free Secure Hold

Another lash glue that I adore is Cardani Latex Free Secure Hold. This jewel is also cruelty free and vegan as well as containing no BPA, gluten, or sulfates. I can’t get over how easy it is to apply or how clear it dries. Plus, as fast as it dries, I can get my lashes in place in no time a all. As busy as my day gets this is a huge benefit. I am so glad that once I use Secure Hold, I have nothing to worry about the rest of the day with my lashes.

Stacy Lash Extra Strong

Stacy Lash Extra Strong may well be my favorite glue. It has in insanely fast 1-2 second drying time and my lashes will stay in place for up to 7 full weeks! I know you may be thinking why such a long hold product, but when skimpy eyelashes are never going to leave the house, this product is a lifesaver for busy day after busy day. It means that my lashes require 0 work for days on end even when the humidity is a complete nightmare.

Whether you need to enhance your lashes for a special occasion or wear them daily, there are some incredible glues on the market today to make the process fast and easy. The latex free formulas make them gentle and they are super simple to apply. Make certain that your lashes fit your view. Are you more interested in an on the go daily product or 7 weeks at a time?

3 Incredible Eyelash Glues