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LipSense Gloss Review

Fuller lips are a necessity and if you are like me, you know the struggles of finding the perfect gloss. I have been on the search for the perfect formula that is neither too sticky nor too runny and does the job well. I did find some glosses but some were too thick, others had irritating scents. Okay so that was a little exaggerated but I am cautious about what I put on my face and naturally, I don’t agree with products that don’t go well with my look or comfort. The LipSense Gloss attracted me because of its natural ingredients and its matte finish, which is why I decided to give it a try. Here are my thoughts on this product which are sure to help you with your purchase.


The LipSense Gloss comes in a standard gloss like container with a cotton tipped wand. This is something that I liked as it allowed me to easily control the amount of product I need. The packaging was minimalistic, nothing extravagant. There were 7.4 ml in the container, standard lip gloss volume. Overall, it looked just like any other lip product. Let’s move on to how it felt on my lips.

Consistency of the LipSense Gloss

The gloss was a clear liquid of the usual gloss like consistency. It was slightly thick and sort of sitting on my lips, but not uncomfortably. Later it set in and I found out that it had a “barely there” finish. Of course, it may be different for other consumers, but I found that the wand applied the product well and evenly. The product coated my entire lips with two dips, so I was pretty impressed with its coverage.

Did it work?

I got myself the matte finish gloss because I was obsessed with matt lips and the pearl finish one for the sake of reviewing the product. The instant effect that I noticed was the fact that unlike usual glosses it wasn’t sticky and sank into my lips. The clear liquid had a 3D effect and gave my lips an instant plumper look, which was very impressive. However, I was interested in how it would look over another lipstick. So I swiped it off and tried it over my favorite crimson lipstick. The gloss sat on my lips for a while and then just like on my bare lips, it sank in. I was surprised. I gave it a color transfer test and voila there was considerably less transfer compared to when I didn’t have the gloss on!

Plus, my lips were definitely plumper and I noticed that the lines were smoother. I did observe that over the month my cracked lips problem was decreasing and now that I actually did a side by side comparison, my lips were soft, and smooth as compared to what I remember.

I was really impressed with the result. My impression after I used the product was that it is a great everyday lip product that actually works. I have sensitive skin, despite that I never found

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