How Much Do Belly Button Piercings Hurt

After much thinking and planning, the day has finally come for you to get the piercing you have been wanting for so long. You are going to be rocking a belly button piercing and you can’t wait. There’s just one little obstacle. You are still worried about how much this is going to hurt. So, let’s put your mind at ease so you can get your session booked with your favorite piercing professional.

There are a lot of ways the pain associated with a piercing is assessed. Everything from a 10 scale to a 5 star scale is common. The real question really comes down to how much does this hurt for the average person. This needs to be clarified because some people have an incredibly high pain threshold and they may rate even something as excruciating as a compound fracture no higher than a 3 or 4 while others may find something as mundane as stubbing a toe nearly a 10. For this reason, you have to look at any analysis of how painful a belly button piercing or any other body modification as a general guideline based on the averages of responses as opposed to one or two specific experiences.

The pain of this piercing also has to be looked at from a couple of points as well. There is the initial pain when the piercing is done. Then, there is the additional discomfort of the healing process. Let’s look at these individually instead of trying to come up with a lump sum that may not be an accurate reflection of the parts of the experience.

The Pain During The Procedure

For the piercing itself, most people would rate it in general as about a 2 on a 5 star scale which equates to roughly a 4 on a 10 pain scale. There is a bit more pain associated with some styles of belly button piercings like the inverse but overall it never seems to go higher than a 5 on the 10 scale or about 2.5 on the stars. This may not clarify much for you in terms of pain so let’s talk a little about comparative piercings. This is about the level of an earlobe or eyebrow piercing. Very mild in comparison even to the tongue or lip.

The Pain After The Procedure

Afterwards, the pain level for most is in the range of 1. There is often reports of dull aching and clothes can be irritating but this only tends to last a few days and not the entire healing time of between one and six months.

Now that you have a better idea of the pain and healing involved with a belly button piercing, there is absolutely no reason not to schedule your appointment for your body modification today. Knowing that for most the pain is relatively minor and incredibly short in duration means you can walk into the piercing studio with confidence. The only question that really remains now is what jewelry to start with on this new adventure. What style of belly button piercing calls to you?