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SeneGence LipSense Review

Senegence’s LipSense collection seems to be a highly favored product by many beauty enthusiasts throughout the world. And for a lipstick that promises to be smear-proof, budge-proof, water-proof, kiss-proof, and long lasting, it seems to be the only product women would wear on their lips. The magic behind the lipstick’s abilities isn’t really magic but science– the product stems from Senegence’s super-adhesive lip color formula, one that has been patented for its own use.

Because of its wide success, it’s no surprise that LipSense has an expansive selection of colors and glosses to choose from. As of August 2017 there are over 70 shades of LipSense. This number does not include the topcoat gloss options available. And thanks to Senegence’s multi-layered lip color process, mixing a lip color with a topcoat gloss can create a unique combination.

What Makes LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colors Different?

Compared to other lipstick products available in the market, LipSense is vegan and cruelty-free. So if you want to use a lipstick product with a cause you support, it’s definitely the right choice for you.

LipSense lip colors contain cosmetic-grade alcohol. What this means is that you are guaranteed that bacteria build-up is prevented inside the lipstick tube so you don’t have moldy lipstick to worry about. At the same time, the lipstick removes build-up leftover from the other products you wear and even exfoliates your lips. After just a month of using LipSense, your lips are restored and revitalized.

So How Long Does It Really Last?

On an average, LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colors can last between 6 and 12 hours. There are, however, plenty of factors that can attribute to how long it can stay on your lips. These factors include:

  • How often you eat or drink
  • What food you ate
  • How often you reapply the topcoat gloss
  • How much dry skin, wax, or build-up is on your lips

So yes, the product can last long but only if you’re really careful about what you eat and how much you reapply the gloss.

LipSense Issues

Although the product has proven itself truthful to being long-lasting, there are some downsides to using it. These include the following:

  • It isn’t very comfortable to wear
  • It’s important to frequently reapply gloss
  • Applying the product entails a long process, one that you have to get used to

Overall, LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colors can be a good lipstick to use. But if you’re the type of person who enjoys a swipe-and-go application of makeup, especially on busy mornings, this product may not be for you. Instead, you can opt to use this lipstick product during special occasions since it really does its job well.

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