Waxing Guide

The Waxing Questions Guide

How long does it last?

Most of the beauty experts agree that waxing last for almost 3-6 weeks but actually, this totally differs from person to person. Some people have coarse hairs, while other have thin patches. waxing is entirely dependent on your genetically determined rate of hair growth. Some might have to do it every 15 days or every other month. There is no hard and fast rule whenever you feel like there is unwanted hair growing back you can wax them off.

How long should the hair be?

One of the basic issues is how to decide when to get waxed. There is an awkward stage of hair growth when you can see the hair but they are not long enough to wax. At this stage, most of the women opt for other methods like using hair removal cream or shaving their legs. This only makes the skin darker and stimulates the hair to grow faster and thicker. In order to avoid this problem, try and get the hair out as soon as you can. Check the type of hair that you have. If it is coarse they have to be at least half inch long, but if they are smooth, a quarter of an inch is also long enough. The hair length is important because if the hair is too small it will not stick to the wax.

How to prepare for wax?

Many beauty gurus suggest checking your skin thoroughly before going for waxing. Any scratch, wound or bruise needs to heal first. You also need to look for ingrown hair. It is better to exfoliate the skin a day or two before your waxing appointment to get those ingrown hairs out of their shells for better results. Also, keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. This will help with the pain and will give you a shiny and smoother finish.

How Much Does Waxing Hurt?

There is no doubt that waxing hurts, but it depends on the body part as well as the individual pain tolerance. Where most people complain about the pain, chances are either it’s their first time or they have really long hair. It is important to make sure that hair is not long and skin is clean and exfoliated before you go in for a waxing appointment. This will make sure that the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin.

How to reduce pain during waxing?

Although there is no way to completely get rid of the pain, there are numbing creams available in the market. You just have to apply a small amount on skin and it will numb the area. It is better to start small and stretch the skin before starting the wax, exfoliating also helps, but the best way to relieve pain is to listen to music or watch something. This will help you to distract your mind and you won’t feel too much pain.

Waxing Aftercare

After waxing it is very important to not use soap or cream right away. Using anti-bacterial soap or any lotion can cause irritation. It is better to apply Aloe Vera, it soothes the skin and reduces the burning sensation. You can also use the aftercare formulas that come with wax kits. These have antibacterial and moisturizing properties that help calm your skin for a smooth finish.