The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the Different Types of Heels

A wise woman once said, “Keep your heels, head, and standards high”.

While heels might not be the comfiest sort of shoes to wear, they certainly are worth the agony. They are loved by many because of their ability to instantly make just about anyone look taller and slimmer. Furthermore, heels can perfectly finish off just about any outfit.

Platform heel

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This heel can easily be spotted by it thick sole. If you’re looking for a lot of added height, then this is the perfect heel to wear.

*Tip: Platform heels are perfect to wear on a night out with a cocktail dress.

Comma heel

This is probably one of the least popular heal styles and the heel looks like an actual coma.

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High Heel Sandals

High heel sandals are beautiful and the perfect type of heel to wear during summer. They are exactly like sandals but have a heel attached.

There is such a wide variety of high heel sandals and the best thing is that they’re extremely versatile.

*Tip: Try wearing a floral print high heel sandal to spice up your wardrobe.

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Cone heel

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A cone heel is shaped exactly like an ice-cream cone; thin at the base and broad at the sole. There are a lot of different variations of cone heels and they are available as peep toes, sandals, boots and a few other styles.

*Tip: Wear a cone heel boot with your favorite jeans and winter jacket.

Spool Heel

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Here, the heel is wide at the base, gets narrow in the middle and is wide at the sole.

Peep Toe

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This shoe is designed in such a way that the toes peep out, hence the name. It’s perfect for those who might be a little conservative and don’t want to show their toes. Peep toes are made in flats, boots and standard high-heels.

*Tip: Peep toes can be worn with both casual and formal clothes.

French heels

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This shoe is quite similar to a spool heel; however, the heel is more curved.

Slingback heels

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If you’re afraid of your shoes falling off, then a slingback heel is what you need. It provides extra security with it strap that runs to the back of the foot.

*Tip- This is the perfect shoe to wear if you’re going for a classy glam look.

Kitten heels

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These shoes have a very small heel (around an inch high). They’re great to wear for comfort and support, especially if you’re on your toes throughout the day.


There are two types of wedges; wedge heels and wedge sandals. The main difference with wedge heels is that the entire sole is filled up and there are no open spaces on the heel. These shoes are by far one of the comfiest.

*Tip: Best heel to wear for beginners because it’s easy to walk in.

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Mule heels are high cut, they can be found in both standard and peep-toe designs.

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Pumps are gorgeous and literally go with any look. They are low cut and the actual heel is more or less 0.6 inches.

*Tip: Pair up an animal print pump with black jeans and black shirt to look elegant.

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Stilettos are not only sexy, but they can be slightly intimidating if you’ve never worn heels before. The heel is almost pencil thin but can help elongate the body.

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Ankle strap heel

This heel ties up around the ankle and works well for those who have smaller feet.

*Tip: Pair up an ankle strap heel with a pencil skirt for an office outfit

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Cork heel

The heel is made of cork material.

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Espadrilles look similar to cork heels but are actually made with a plaited material.

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These are the perfect winter shoes! They closed all through with average heel length of 2 inches.

*Tip: Oxfords look classy when worn with a winter coat and stockings.

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Corset heel

A corset heel replicates a corset because it gets tied up with laces. It’s a must-have in every women’s closet!

*Tip: Wear these heels with a pair of shorts to create a glam outfit.

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Chunky heel

This heel is chunkier than an average heel and provides a lot more stability when walking. It’s also a great shoe to wear for beginners.

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