Posture Bra Experience

Does A Posture Bra Really Work?

I never had big posture issues, but quite recently started experiencing back pain. For about a week I tried to understand what was causing it and had to drop some of my activities, but the pain wasn’t going away. This is when I decided to try a posture bra, that turned out to be the best option for me.

If you’re looking for bright colors and nice sweet lacy designs, this option wouldn’t suit you. Most of the posture bras are quite simple, coming in white, beige, different versions of pastel or black colors. They also provide you with fuller coverage, which might seem a bit old-fashioned for many young ladies. Yet, this is a perfect support bra, especially for those of us who either have osteoporosis and struggle with back issues or are more on the bigger side, so they need more support.

I’m not a D size, so I had to exclude that reason for myself. But I’m well aware of my bad sitting habits and some improper workout moves. Those reasons caused me my muscle pain from time to time. Slouching and too much tension in your front upper muscles would make some movements extremely painful. This is exactly a time for a support bra.

I contacted my physician to ask about this solution and she said that it could help. But she warned me that I should only wear a posture bra if I’m going somewhere to do something unusual physically (for example, helping in a garden) or when I feel too much pain. It’s not a solution to wear daily, otherwise, you might create different issues with your back.

Posture Bra For Back Pain

After I started wearing mine, I noticed that my back pain practically stopped. From time to time I would still experience some discomfort, but the longer I continued wearing a posture bra, the more comfortable I was getting. It provides amazing support for your chest and breasts, so you won’t feel any tiredness and heaviness on your chest.

For my sports, I decided to get a sports posture bra, which is more cozy for quick movements. Doing some correcting exercising to reduce my pain forever is so much more comfortable in a sports bra. It’s softer and stretchier, which reminds me of spandex yoga pants.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy

If you want to get one, you have to remember a few crucial things. That will save you a lot, so be careful when choosing a posture bra. At first, you have to check your straps and better try a thing on. It would be hard to understand if the sizing is right unless you really try it. The straps should be wide (it will seem a bit uncomfortable at first), but those are there to keep your back straight. And it should be tight. Don’t worry about your back fat, if you have any, after a regular bra, a posture one would even seem a bit rigid.

It’s also really important for you to be ready to spend as much as it takes. Mine cost me about $35, but that was a reasonable price for that bra. A regular bra for daily wear would cost you about $25, but this one really has some medicinal qualities. You will notice differences after a week of usage. For me, it proved to be the best pain-killer that actually makes me healthier.