How to get Rid of Strawberry Legs

Trying to get rid of strawberry legs can almost feel impossible. The little dots on your legs that resemble strawberries are actually pores. There could be a few reasons as to why your strawberry legs are just not going away. In this blog post we will take a quick look at all the information you need to know.

What causes strawberry legs?

Before trying to fix the issue it’s important to know what the cause is. Once you find the cause, it will be a lot easier when trying to get rid of strawberry legs. Let’s take a look at a few potential causes:


Genetics play a huge aspect to just about any physical conditions that people might have. If a relative has strawberry legs, then chances are quite high for you to develop it too.

Your pores could have dirt in them

We’re all aware that pores can be highly annoying, especially if they work against your luck.

One of the most common reasons that people develop strawberry legs is because the pores on the skin can be filled with excess sebum. This could lead to an oil build up which results in your pores having dirt and bacteria trapped inside.

Improper hair removal techniques

Shaving/ waxing incorrectly can damage the skin to a certain extent and even increase hair growth. If you’re not careful when removing hair, you could be faced with ingrown, inflamed pores and even strawberry legs.

Dry skin

Not moisturizing the skin is a massive no-no- you should always keep your body and skin well hydrated.

If you shave over dry skin without using a shaving cream then the skin easily gets irritated. This could affect the pores and lead to the pores darkening, which causes strawberry legs.

Here’s how to get rid of strawberry legs

Try changing your hair removal method

Sometimes the answer is so simple that you might not realize it. Perhaps your skin might not agree to your current hair removal process. So for instance, if you’re waxing then either try shaving or using a hair removal cream and vice versa.

Try out laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an excellent investment in the long run. It might be pricey, but it can help a great deal when trying to get rid of strawberry legs.

Don’t take super-hot showers and baths

Hot water is actually really bad for the skin because it dries out the skin and also opens up the pores. Open pores get clogged a lot easier because bacteria and dirt can easily get in. However, if you really want to take a hot shower, then end it by opening some iced cold water for a few seconds. Not only is this excellent for circulation but it will instantly close up the pores.

Exfoliate the skin

Sometimes all your skin really needs is a good old scrub. There are plenty of scrubs that are available on the market but you can opt to make your own natural scrub at home.

Using natural ingredients is highly beneficial to the skin. Try out our DIY scrub to help get rid of strawberry legs.

1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
1 tablespoon turmeric (great for reducing inflammation)
2 tablespoons of honey
Quarter cup coconut oil

Mix all the above ingredients to form a past. Apply this onto the legs and gently exfoliate while you’re in the shower. Wash off with luck warm water and pat dry.

Get a professionals advice

If you’re still not seeing any results then it’s time to visit your dermatologist. They will suggest further treatment that you can do that can help get rid of strawberry legs.

If you shave, read this

  1. If you prefer shaving then always follow these rules before and after shaving.
  2. Exfoliate before shaving so that the skin softens up
  3. Always use a shaving gel, however, hair conditioner works perfectly fine too.
  4. When shaving always shave in the same direction as the hair growth. Often people say that you should shave upwards, however this can cause a lot of skin irritation. Also, shaving upwards can thicken the hair growth. Shaving in the same direction is a lot gentler on the skin.
  5. Apply Aloe Vera gel after shaving to help soothe the skin