My Hair After Using v05 Shampoo

My Experience with VO5 Shampoo: Classic and Useful

I guess many of us heard about VO5 shampoo at least once. Those products appeared on the market in 1955, and over the years the quality has only improved. I want to share my personal experience with a VO5 Natural shampoo that will go well with any type of hair.

vo5 shampoo types

I was looking for a shampoo that would just normally clean my hair, without promising any extra moisturizers, adding anti-dandruff qualities or excessive amounts of alcohol or peroxide. Which is actually, quite a challenging task as most companies offer you extra pricey stuff. And then I met VO5, which now never leaves my bathroom.

VO5 Shampoo Price

The first thing you notice is its price. For about 12 oz you have to pay only $5, sometimes $6, depending on where you are getting it. That bottle lasts a while, for me, it takes about 1.5 months to finish one bottle.

But its price isn’t the only reason why I’m constantly getting it. What really strikes me is that it has amazing cleaning abilities. This shampoo is really light, you will feel it as you’re massaging your scalp. It rinses really well, which is a big plus for me, as I don’t like spending that much time in a shower. It’s easy to cover your whole hair with just a drop of it, which explains why a bottle lasts that long.

Types of VO5 Shampoo

VO5 offers a lot of choice when it comes to the performance and fragrance of their shampoo. There are over ten different fragrances on the market that each have their own, very distinct smell. Some of my personal favorites are Passion Fruit Smoothie and the Therapy Tea shampoo. VO5 also offers shampoos for men and those generally include a shampoo plus conditioner combo.

VO5 Shampoo Performance

It’s also classic. Really, with VO5 you can just rely on its quality. I tend to trust those products that have been on the market for long and are still widely bought. For me, this is a sign of quality. And again, I remember my mother using it, she never complained and was quite dedicated to this brand.

A huge perk for me is that it goes well with different types of hair. Because they are not adding any extra things and chemicals, this shampoo is an amazing choice for anyone. If you have thick hair that is prone to getting greasy after 1-2 days, it would go well for you and will notice greasiness decreasing after two weeks of use.

That was a big issue for my friend and she realized that simple VO5 deals with grease better than other overpriced stuff. After VO5 your hair will feel clean for good 3-4 days, which is for me a good result. I guess that the main reason for that is the lack of chemicals. It’s silicone-free, as well as paraben-free and those ingredients usually don’t go well with my hair.

Although this shampoo is silicone-free, it doesn’t make your hair puffy or look weird. Actually, I noticed that my hair is still really smooth and silky. Another guess here is that this way, my body tries to replenish my hair itself, without any extra things.

My Verdict

Overall, I would say that this is a very simple shampoo that is not full of undelivered promises. You won’t notice any “volumizing gibberish” on a bottle, but it really does well what it should. Sometimes using simple, chemical-free products is exactly what your hair needs.

This is why my experience was positive, as it was exactly what I wanted and needed. If you are looking for something with plenty of ingredients and promises, you should try to find another option. Though, VO5 has 5 vitamins in its formula, which helps nourish your hair.