Top 6 Pink Nail Designs to Make Your Nails Look Amazing

Every woman who loves well -manicured nails never misses one thing in her collection that is, a pink nail polish. Pink nail polish gives you the freedom to create a myriad of pink nails designs. There are a huge number of shades of pink to choose from. The shades include the baby pink, light pink, dusty pink and hot pink. Pink nail designs work for both the office style and for attending fun events.

What makes pink nail designs popular?


This is perhaps the top reason why girls adore pink nails designs. There is nothing as disturbing as wearing a color that is not in tandem with one’s outfit. Pink is a color that blends well with any colors.

Simple and bold

Pink designs are one of the simplest nail designs to wear. With the pink nail design, you need not add a lot of colors just to make a statement. Wear a hot pink shade of pink if you want to attract some attention everywhere you go.


The pink color highlights the soft nature and temperament of a woman. Every woman loves to be treated as such, soft and gentle. Majority of the shades of pink


The brighter shades of pink such as the hot and brighter pink are an ideal way to bring cheers in your life. Though pink is feminine in itself, nothing makes it better than portraying a cheerful woman. The pink nail design does exactly that.

Top 6 splendid nail designs

1. Pink with glitters

Combining your pink polish with glitters is a complete game changer. The effect is that the glitters warm up the neutral pink color. The chosen glitters may be in the form of flowers drawn from the gold or the silver colors. You may choose to paint the glitters at the tip of the nail or sprinkle them on the pink polished nail.

2. Pink with Diamonds

It’s no secret that diamonds are a girl’s favorite gem. Applying the diamonds on the base of your pink nail design provides a catchy visual effect. The design is perfect for a casual but professional meeting.

3. Pink with iridescent confetti decorations

Use the decoration on the tips of the nails for a bubbly pink nail design. To achieve a polished bubbly look, ensure to keep the nail tips square.

4. Two-tone pink with Gold Rivets

Pink polish comes in a variety of tones. That is hot pink, dusty pink, matte pink among others. With these designs, you can choose two tons of pink polish and apply them on different fingers. Add pomp to the design by painting a gold-silver triangle on the finger’s base.

5. White tips

The design looks perfect on persons with long nails. Painting the tips with white polish gives a French manicure feel but with a catchy twist. For best results, use the cool shades of pink.

6. Pink Chevron nails

Chevron nails are an all-time favorite for persons with short nails. To create a pink chevron look, paint your nails with a pink base and place pieces of tape on the areas you want to remain pink. To the rest of the areas, paint with your desired color.

Final tips

If you wish to enjoy the stares and the turning of heads that come with the pink nail design for a little longer, consider going for pink gel nails. The gel tends to last longer than the nail polish.

The pink nail designs are perfect for nails of all sizes. However, wearing pink nail design on long nails enhances the appearance of the design. Pink designs on long nails speak of a bold, mature woman. Wearing pink nails on short nails, on the other hand, speaks of a reserved person.