All about NexGen Nails and If You Should Have Them

Nail dipping powder kit that is used for NexGen Nails

We absolutely love taking care of our nails. Nails that are nicely done can be relaxing and it can surprisingly take your stress away especially when you are a busy individual. A monthly or a weekly nail appointment is a must and it should not be missed. After all, people often based the type of person you are from your nails whether you like it or not.

But since nails are being cleaned and treated regularly, it becomes unhealthy and brittle with some of the unwanted chemicals caused by nail products. Once a nail is damaged, it can be hard to maintain. This is the reason why most ladies are in the quest to find a healthier alternative that would ultimately achieve their goal — a healthier nails minus the chip.

Different terms, different products

There are various nail products in the market today and they can really be quite confusing. Should you just have a regular manicure? Would you want to have that gel polish that would take weeks to come off? How about acrylic?

All of these method have pros and cons. Regular polish chips easily and somehow won’t make you through a busy day. A gel can strip away the natural glow of your nails and washes of within a week or two. An acrylic is great and most people who don’t have the luxury of time to do regular nail salon visits prefer it. However, some would argue that it is very unhealthy and you nails would look dull after the process.

How about NexGen nails?

NexGen is relatively a new term when it comes to nail maintenance but it dubbed as the “Next Big Thing” in the world of nail beauty. It is the “Next Generation” as the name implies.

NexGen promises a healthy alternative to what is already available in the market today. In here, nails will always feel and look natural all the time as compared to acrylic. But while it feels natural, it is guaranteed strong and wont chip or crack.

NexGen and its benefits

NexGen has a no chip guarantee and are nicely secured. It is also very easy to apply. Each NexGen nails, after the cleaning process, will be shaped and drilled but in the lightest way possible. A base is applied and the nails are dipped in a powder-like solution which will give them the color and the shine and that is pretty much it.

Another good thing about this type is that it does not use UV lights that is not good for the skin. The powder solution is all it takes and you can enjoy polish in different colors available.

Lastly,  NexGen nails won’t lose their shine like acrylic nails do. They stay great looking for a long time, until your  next retouch. Most nail technicians would also say that NexGen nails will actually make your natural nails healthier because it is made with Vitamin E and it is sculpted carefully with your natural nails in mind.

Would you be willing to try it?

They say it is the next generation of nail treatment and by all means, trying it won’t hurt. But at the end of the day, what is important first is to find a nail technician that would take care of your nails’ overall health. Ask for their opinion and advice on what would work best. NexGen, no doubt, is better than gel and acrylic when it comes to durability. Most would claim as well that it won’t take the natural shine of the nails. But, just like acrylic, it is not easier to remove and would take a lot of process that can definitely dull your nails out. Have someone to take care of your nails and everything else will follow.