The Best Hemp Tanning Lotion of 2018

The secret behind a perfect skin glow is in selecting the correct lotion for your skin. You can have a great summer tan all year long, as long as you pick a lotion that adds light and shine to your skin. Having a great tan is faster and more easily than before thanks to the best lotions that are currently available. A good hemp tanning lotion can not only give you a great tan but can also moisturize and soften your skin as you tan.

The Top Hemp Tanning Lotions For 2018:

The Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Bronzer

The Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Bronzer is one of the best options. This has an important amount of natural ingredients and hemp seed oil. The oil is responsible for nourishing the skin and giving it that perfect glow. Once you apply it, the antioxidants will work right away and the bronzers will give you an instant golden shine. With this product you won’t have to sit all day in the sun.

The Hempz Naturals – Natural Bronzer
The Hempz Naturals – Natural Bronzer has natural tanning ingredients, DHA and other activators that give a glowing tan. This spray also has components that leave the skin hydrated, with a smooth and soft sensation. It gives a darker tan and it’s the favorite among those with a sensitive and paler skin tones.

The Hempz Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer
The best solutions are those that come with natural antioxidants, which are anti-inflammatory components that help to improve the skin texture and give it a shiny look. If you are looking for a great indoor lotion, then the Hempz Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer is the best since it doesn’t have any bronzer in it.

The Hempz Touch of Summer Moisturizer

The Hempz Touch of Summer Moisturizer has a great mix of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, water and other great components that help moisturize dry skin. It’s precisely the high concentration of moisturizing ingredients what helps nourish your skin and maintain its perfect balance. It’ll usually take a few minutes to dry up, but it’ll leave you with a light tan color and a smooth skin.

How To Choose The Right Tanning Lotion

When you are choosing your lotion, you have to keep in mind that nothing is more important than your own skin tone and type since the tanning formulas work according to every skin: there are lotions that work best for pale skins; meanwhile, medium and darker tones can handle a more extreme type.
Also, if you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, you have to check closely to the ones that will work best. Usually, mild Hempz tanning lotions are the ones recommended for sensitive, oily, and a combination of both type of skin. For dry skin, it’s important to pay close attention to the moisturizing aspect so that the skin will be nourished with the right hydration and moist.

Here are some basic aspects to consider:

Nurture the Skin

Nothing is more important than picking a type that can give vitamins to the skin in order to make it look soft, glowing, smooth, and healthy, that’s why you should look for ingredients such as which includes Hemp Seed Oil and Shea Butter. The seed oil will give you a great number of vitamins and the Shea butter improves your overall skin texture.

Protects the Skin against Damaging UV Rays

The natural extracts work as a protection against the damaging effects of the UV rays from the Sun. Look for lotions that have ingredients such as Raspberry and cucumber, since these works to shield the skin from the dangers of direct sunlight.

Anti-inflammatory Effect

Natural components such as cucumber and ginger root come with natural anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the redness of the skin that makes the tanning session a smoother affair.

Anti-aging Properties

The greatest lotions are those that have anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and anti-oxidant components to avoid the damage cause by free radicals and the sun. Look for ingredients such as ginseng, ginger root, and vitamin a.