How long does it take to tan

Having an evenly glowing tan skin especially during the summer months is desired by many. Tanning actually makes the skin glow and healthy instead on looking pale and this is especially true to those with a brighter complexion. A tan can even give a slimming effect in the body. Getting that perfect tan however, is difficult to achieve. It is not just about hopping in the sun and there are a lot of factors to consider. Taking note of how long the tanning should take is also essential in the process.

What does tanning mean?

Sun tanning is a simple way to get darkened skin.  There are actually two ways to achieve a tan: first is naturally through the gorgeous sun and second, through artificial mean. A tan can be achieved by exposing the skin to the ultraviolet rays radiated from these sources.

Natural sun exposure can provide vitamin D and secrete melanin from the body. The melanin is the responsible for giving the tan. The process is relatively cheap but excess sun exposure can impact the skin and cause sunburns.

Artificial tanning sources include tanning laps found in indoor tanning beds. For those who don’t want to naturally bathe in the sun, this is the way to go.

The word “tanning” is  lifted from the color name “tan”. Tanning is more common in European countries for women who want to look less pale. Tanning is equivalent to gorgeous for many.

How long does tanning really takes?

Everyone has different skin type and this means that  everyone’s tanning time is different. Some people can easily get their desired color under the sun for a few hours but other skin can have burns when staying under the sun for the same amount of time.

Getting your skin tone is the key to identify the length of tanning you need. People with less melanin have fairer skin tone which are more likely to burn in a short period of time. Those with darker skin tones however, a great golden color can be achieved in a matter of one hour. Melanin greatly affects how the skin would react under the sunlight.

Many people prefer to tan outside during sunlight or by the beach or pool. But this procedure means taking extra precaution like putting sunscreen with just the right amount of SPF to protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

For those who have lighter and fairer complexion or those who easily get burns, using the tanning bed is the best option. With this method, professional will set the time so that the skin would be perfectly baked.

But whether you want to get a real tan or an artificial tan, it is important to hydrate the skin because it will undergo a darkening process either way. Protecting it with moisturizer, especially the Sodium PCA-Based Moisturizer which is perfect for tanning is also a must.

Making sure that you follow a safe guideline with most likely give you not only a glowing skin, but  a healthy one after tanning. Again, consider your complexion to determine tanning time. Stick to your guidelines to even more have a long lasting tan effect.