How long does it take for a Tattoo to Heal?

You’ve just gotten a new tattoo and you’re anxious for it to heal so that you can see how it actually looks. Giving your tattoo time to heal is very important and the time it takes can vary. You should also remember that even though the tat might be healed, your skin might still need to further heal.

On average how long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

A tattoo initially takes around 2-4 weeks to completely heal. During the healing process, you will need to care for the skin in this area and follow direct instructions given to you by your tat artist. This is important and ensures that the skin is healthy and back to normal.

Other factors that determine how long healing will take

A tattoo can heal relatively quickly, but there are certain things that might influence the healing process. This includes:

  • The density of the tattoo
  • The ink used- Certain people have found that red and brown ink takes longer to heal.
  • The depth of the tattoo- Detailed and deeper tats take longer to heal.
  • The size of the tattoo- If you have a tattoo that’s covering a large area, it obviously will take more time to heal than a smaller tat.
  • Your health and ability to heal and recover. Smoking and drinking might also affect the healing time; the healthier you are the quicker you will recover.

How will you know if your tattoo is healing?

This is probably one of the most popular questions and it should be noted that everyone is different. A popular way to help determine that a tat is in the healing process is when it starts scabbing. The scabbing indicates new healthy skin over the inked area.


Although scabbing does determine healing, some people may not experience it. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. The skin might just be more sensitive compared to other areas and it might feel more “raised” compared to other parts of your skin.

This sensitivity could also lead to a slight tingle when water is poured over the area.


What to do to speed up healing

Use lotion

For starters, make sure to use healing creams such as Fusadin. This helps a great deal and gets the area healed swiftly. Although it’s important to use healing creams remember not to over apply lotion as the moisture will prevent the skin from scabbing.

Bandage only once

Also, once you remove the bandage from your tattoo do not re-bandage it. Re-bandaging a tat will prevent the skin from breathing and slow down the overall healing. It will take longer to scab and create excess moisture.

Don’t scratch

Another great sign that the skin is healing is when it starts itching. This usually indicates that the scabs are about to fall off. To ensure that the skin heals well make sure not to scratch the area no matter how tempting it might be.

Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is a not only a vital part of healing but it’s important to use on a daily basis. This tip is excellent and also prevents tats from fading in the long run.

Take cold baths

Next, take a hot bath followed by a cold bath for around 30 minutes each. This not only improves circulation but it’s excellent for the skin. Try doing this daily and you will notice that healing is sped up drastically.



What slows down healing?

There are a couple of things that can slow down a tat from healing. These things might lead to skin irritations and even the tattoo from fading. Here are the few things that should be prevented:

Don’t tug at your skin

As previously mentioned, scabbing is a sign of healing and your skin will peel. Allow the skin to naturally peel off on its own so that a new layer of healthy skin can form.

Use a non-scented body lotion

When using a body lotion try to use a non-scented lotion.  The fragrance of certain lotions can lead to skin irritation and this will slow down healing.

Protect your skin

Keep your skin protected by avoiding direct sunlight, sun beds, and tanning. All these things could potentially negatively affect the tat from healing and increase healing time.