Ideas for Women Who Want a Sexy Tattoo

Where tattoos were previously the domain of men, it’s more socially acceptable than ever before for women to get inked as well. Whereas before, a tattooed woman would be regarded with disdain, it’s now something that many people admire.

When you decide to have a tattoo done, size and location are as important as the design. So is making sure that you engage the services of a reputable tattoo artist. So check out our list of ideas for getting a sexy tattoo for women. Ranging from floral to tribal patterns there are so many ways that you can make a tattoo look hot.

If you’re looking to get a tattoo, look at some of these for inspiration.

Sexy tattoo ideas for women

  1. Combining the traditional tribal tattoo with feminine elements is very trendy. A tribal design that incorporates a feminine image such as flowers is the perfect way to achieve this.
  2. Geometric designs like mandalas are gaining popularity. Placed at the base of the neck and extending to the upper back, they are easy to put on display with your summer wardrobe.
  3. The nautical theme is popular right now. You can have anchors, ship’s wheels, or a compass tattooed in a spot where your bikini will have it on full display.
  4. A tattoo behind the ear is something few would think of. But the effect it creates is dramatic and sexy. Go for a miniature geometric pattern.
  5. This floral design around the wrist is soon going to replace the traditional corsage women wear on special occasions. Choose a flower that has meaning for you and use it to create a gorgeous design that will complement anything you wear.
  6. A lot of men will tell you that they find a tattoo on a woman’s ankle extremely sexy. A floral design with a vine of leaves that covers the area lends it a feminine touch too.
  7. A lot of women are searching the oceans for tattoo inspiration. Creatures of the deep such as turtles, octopi, and stingrays are gaining popularity. Let your imagination run wild and choose a sea creature that speaks to you and your taste.
  8. A tattoo that covers the elbow area is also a great choice. You can choose geometric patterns or an intricate floral design, depending on your personal preference.
  9. If you’re keen to have words tattooed on your body, choose and place them carefully. Think of an inspirational saying or something sexy that will give your admirers food for thought.
  10. Consider a monochromatic approach. A while back, it seemed that tattoos had to be brightly colored. But a more vintage approach of using only black ink is gaining traction. It’s very elegant and lends the tattoo a timeless quality.
  11. An elegant string-like design of flowers along the top of the foot, the ankle, and the calf are very pretty. You can choose whether to cover it or reveal only a part of it so that you can keep your admirers guessing.
  12. Always keep a feminine approach in mind when it comes to a tattoo. It’s supposed to show you’re a force to be reckoned with. But it should also acknowledge your subtle qualities as a woman. You can never go wrong with a floral tattoo.
  13. Butterflies are a popular choice among women when they select a tattoo. Since butterflies are often in groups, there’s an argument for getting more than one. A flutter of these beauties creeping up your legs is very sexy.
  14. Another seemingly unusual place to decide on for a tattoo is the thumb. But you can have a delicate geometric pattern tattooed along the top of your thumb. For the purposes of balance, do it on both thumbs.
  15. There are times where balance isn’t everything. In fact, an asymmetrical balance creates an interesting effect. If you’re having a tattoo done on your back, have it done on one side only.
  16. A trail of flowers from the nape of your neck right to your tailbone may take a bit of time. You’ll need a high pain threshold too. But the effect when it’s finished will be worth it.