Skull Tattoo Ideas for Women

What is your first reaction when you see a skull tattoo? For many of us, it is fear, evil and even death. However, beyond this imagination, what you will learn is that skull tattoo unlike what they are normally perceived represent both negative and positive aspects of life.

Times have changed, and unlike in the past, this type of art is gradually growing among women. Today we look at different types of skull tattoo ideas for women, their meaning and placement.

Variations of Skull Tattoos

1. Sugar Skull design

Popularly known as Calaveras, these tattoos are dominant in Mexico. They are made from sugar hence the name Sugar skull. They are also available in different sizes, shapes, and color. Some of the common Sugar skull designs are the owl and sugar design, sugar skull chest design and male and female sugar skull design just to name a few. This design is cool for women who would love to remember their loved ones.

2. Flower Skull design

Any flower tattoo can be breathtaking, but a flower skull tattoo is worth dying for. It is lovely and beautiful and breaks the usual norm of an ordinary flower tattoo. It also brings forth a combination of a scary, gorgeous and amazing tattoo.

3. Rose and skull design

A rose tattoo symbolizes hope whereas a skull tattoo depicts death. A combination of both tattoos represents life and death. Likewise, this tattoo signifies the reincarnation of a person. You can wear it tattoo to symbolize ‘moving on’ from any cause especially bereavement.

4. Tribal skull design

This is a common tattoo nowadays which is preferred due to its uniqueness. Depending on your tribe, there is no doubt that the tribal skull design will look stunning when engraved on your body.

What do Skull Tattoos mean?

They bear different meanings depending on how the skull is used. For example:

1. Beauty and ashes

Let’s take an example of the rose and skull design. When you look at this combination, you will see a clear depiction of hope, fear, and death which is the true reality of human nature.

2. Transformation

These tattoos depict reincarnation. The most common example being the Sugar Skull design that is widely acknowledged and embraced in Mexico.

3. Love and peace

Not all skull tattoos are as scary as you imagine. The hummingbird tattoo is a good example of a tattoo that represents peace. Moreover, the flower skull design also portrays love due to its eye-catching effect.

4. Death

Most of us believe that skulls are associated with death and evil. The owl and death skull, for instance, is linked to death since owls are regarded as messengers of death. Some people have argued that these tattoos can also protect against evil.

5. Bravery

Among the Asians, the dragonfly tattoo signifies bravery and strength.

Tattoo’s body placement and their meanings


Wearing a skull tattoo on your arm means you are a bold and outgoing person who is ready to take risks as they come.


The wrist is occasionally hidden as compared to other parts of the body. Wearing a tattoo on the wrist depicts a person with a strong personality and who cares less about peoples’ opinion.


The waist is pretty much hidden except for certain events when it can be exposed i.e. during summer times. Wearing a tattoo on your waist means you are a relaxed, composed and conservative person.


Shy, hideous but a fighter if need be.

Bottom line

Skull tattoos are the most fashionable pieces of jewelry you can wear. They will always be a constant reminder of change.