Arrow Tattoo Meaning

The culture of tattooing has been with us for many decades. People are inspired by different factors when getting a tattoo. For some, it is their love for family, the passion for music and others the special attachment to nature.

One trending tattoo art is the arrow tattoo. Superstars have not been left out either. Currently, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are some of the stars that are rocking an arrow tattoo.

Should I also rock an arrow tattoo?

Before making the decision to get a tattoo, ensure to understand the meanings of the various tattoo designs. When you choose the arrow tattoo, you will love them for their simplicity which makes them ideal for tattoo beginners. Also, because the arrow tattoo design is simple, it will cost you less money and less cost to have the design.

The arrow tattoo allows you to be creative. You may choose to get a plain tattoo or combine it with other adornments.

Also, engraving yourself with an arrow tattoo carries with all the positive meanings you can think of. If you are a positive person, and you would like to tell other people around you so, then the arrow tattoo is the ideal choice. Most of all, an arrow tattoo gives you the power to control the meaning.

Trendy Variations of arrow tattoos

Feather arrow

The design is a combination of the image of a feather and an arrow. The feather demonstrates independence and freedom while the arrows show courage. Take the two together, and the feathered arrow looks elegant while depicting a brave person.

Singular arrow design

Recommended for starters who are a bit shy on going bold. It is the simplest of the arrow tattoo designs. Within this design are various designs which allow you to pick the design that is most compatible with your skin color.

Diamond arrow

The tattoo represents a blend of power and glam. It is mostly engraved by placing the diamond in the middle and showing an arrow moving from the diamond.

Cupid arrow

We remember Cupid as the god of romance and erotic love. The design shows an arrow piercing from the human heart. The cupid arrow is a favorite of the singles as it shows readiness for relationships and marriage.

Bundle of arrows

The arrows may be crossing each other or separately placed in a specific rhythm. The arrows may be of same of different sizes. Crossed arrows show two heart that is bound together by love. The arrows may also be placed in different directions.

5 popular arrow tattoo meanings

Arrows have always had a special place in our history. They were used to win wars, bring food on the table and show visions. Before you get an arrow tattoo, here are the popular arrow tattoo meanings.

1. Power

Arrows are one of the popular weapons that were used in raging war during the ancient days. The Native Americans used to believe that an arrow is a weapon to defeat the enemy. Wearing tattoo represents defense and that you are self- protected.

2. Elegance

For both men and women, an arrow tattoo depicts elegance. Although they are a simple design, they are easily spotted for their elegance.

3. Patriotism

This might sound weird, but some tattoo wearers use the arrow tattoo as a symbol of patriotism. In the traditional times, an arrow was perceived to be a Native American symbol.

4. Friendship

A tattoo of two arrows crossed symbolizes friendship. It is common to find two friends get these matching tattoos just to celebrate their friendship. A group of friends may choose to go with an arrow tattoo art of many tattoos crossing each other. This symbolizes the unbreakable bond that ties their friendship.

5. Courage

According to Tattoo SEO, rocking an arrow with a diamond symbol shows that one is brave and is forward-looking. When you think of how an arrow works, that is it can only be shot by pulling it backward, then it makes sense. This design shows someone of courage, someone who always picks themselves up when they fall.

Best body parts to engrave an arrow tattoo design

The ideal body part should depend on the size of the tattoo. The small-sized arrows look perfect when engraved on the wrist, finger of the ankle

Medium-sized tattoos should be placed on the back, chest, thigh or leg or any part that has some enough surface. The more prolonged designs may be placed on the spine or the hand.