Lipsense Diamond Collection

What Is The LipSense Diamond Collection?

A woman’s best friend is a diamond!  But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could wear it all day and display its sparkle? Well,  I do not mean the diamond stud, but the LipSense Diamond Collection.

LipSense is the breakthrough product of SeneGence. What is all the hype about LipSense products? Why are women so eager to buy and wear LipSense?

Lipsticks are basics in a woman’s life. You’ll find it in every woman’s purse . But not all lipsticks will satisfy a woman’s expectation for a good lip color. If you buy cheaper lipsticks, expect that the color will easily rubs off. But it doesn’t follow that a more expensive lip color will give you what you want. Sometimes, you’ll find that it’s a rip off! So what brand of lip color will give you value for your money?

The answer to your woes is LipSense Diamond Collection.  Try it for that all-day long-lasting lip shades.

Ask all the women who are using this product and they say that it is waterproof and kiss-off. These are exactly the characteristic that every woman wants in a lip color. No need to worry about easy-to- brush-off lip colors, SeneGence has specially-formulated lip products that will delight all women.

Discover the LipSense Diamond Collection and why women are going crazy to get one!

LipSense Diamond Collection

LipSense Diamond Collection

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What makes LipSense Diamond Collection different from other LipSense product?

With the Diamond Collection, you will surely shine like a diamond! Yes, LipSense Diamond Collection makes you shine literally. It is made with real dust of diamond.  Also, it is limited edition.

It is an elegant collection of LipSense shades and moisturizing glosses.  Picture yourself with those gorgeous lip colors that stay all day. You will surely be the envy of all.

Only LipSense gives you lip color products that are specially-formulated to make your lips stunning while at the same time, moisturing them to protect your lovely lips.


There are five different colors available in the LipSense Diamond Collection. Taken from the most popular LipSense colors, these colors are hotter than before! Choose from Crimson Red, Caramel Apple, Sheer Berry, Praline Rose and Bombshell. Check out SeneGence website for their lip color series.

Diamond Kiss Gloss

For more sparkles, always buy your LipSense colors with the Diamond Kiss Gloss. The all-natural lip gloss made from shea butter and vitamin E, it will hydrate your lips Kiss Gloss moisturizes and shines because it is formulated with diamond dust, too.

Application of LipSense Diamond Collection

People often notice your lips when they look at you. Wow them with your tinted lips with these few easy steps:

  1. Make sure your lips are clean and dry.
  2. Shake the LipSense Diamond liquid color tube.
  3. Start with your upper lip. Begin applying the lip color from the cupid bow of your mouth to the corners. When doing this, keep your lips apart. Do not press your lips together.
  4. For the lower lip, simply follow the natural contour of your lips.
  5. Apply LipSense Diamond using layering technique. The recommended amount for your LipSense color to stay longer is 3 layers. But make sure to let each layer set before applying the next.
  6. Then for the final touch, apply in generous amount the LipSense Gloss.
  7. Now, you can press your lips together!

While applying the LipSense color in layers, you might experience a tingling or tacky sensation. It will subside after you apply the LipSense Gloss.

This is a very important point to understand so that you will not complain of tingling feeling. This also means that lipsticks, whatever brand it may be, need to be used with lip gloss to hydrate the lips.

So ladies, get those sparkles that can last for 8 to 18 hours with LipSense Diamond Collection.