LipSense Honey Rose

LipSense Honey RoseWhile the sweet tasty of honey may not linger on your lips with the LipSense Honey Rose lip color, it will stay on for all day wear. One of the premier products from the sister company SeneGence, LipSense offers a variety of different make-up products to women all over the world. Their most important make-up product to date is the lip color products. This waterproof and kiss proof product hasbeen leaving women to beg for more colors over the years. LipSense added the honey rose lip color to its collection which includes more than 70 shades of colors to choose from! With so many lip colors to choose from, a woman does not have to obliged to wear the same boring color day after day.

One of the greatest things about LipSense is they can help you choose your own color palette by combining their lip colors. If you think that your skin tone may be too dark or too light for a certain lip color, not to worry, because LipSense has you covered. In creating these amazing custom color palettes, consumers will not have to worry about wearing the same shade of lip color as any other person! Talk about a huge advantage, especially for make-up lovers in the beauty industry.

The Pros And Cons

While LipSense has many wonderful pros about their products, there are always some mistakes or misses that occur in creating a great product. One of the cons about the LipSense Honey Rose lip color is the tinglyness that is felt shortly after the color is applied. This tinglyness should only occur during the first application and it is your bodies way to reacting to a new product. The “numbing” feeling that occurs after the first applications will go away but it a con.

Another con with this product is the application process. If you do not do the strict application process of the lip color correctly, you will need to remove the color and start again. The problem is that since the lip color is long-lasting, removing the color after first use can be difficult. The solution is simple and by purchasing the LipSense Oops Remover. Then you can easily remove the mistakes from your lips and face. Obviously, the added cost of the remover is con, if needed to remove the lip color instead of just soap and water.

LipSense Honey Rose Lip Color

The Verdict

The LipSense Honey Rose color is the perfect blend of honey and a light-colored rose to create real beauty. This color will accent any women’s natural features and the long-lasting wear will keep you look fresh and relaxed throughout the day. Whether the LipSense Honey Rose color is filled with imperfections or not, that is also for you too judge and see for yourself. When comparing this product to other on the market, the price and value really stick out. For a great price, the LipSense Honey Rose allows its consumers to have a product that works and doesn’t break the bank. Other companies will try to rip off their customers by advertising long-lasting products. After two-three applications, you need to by a new lip color. LipSense gives consumers plenty of use out of the Honey Rose lip color bottle.