LipSense Pink Champagne

Instead of going down the traditional route of lip liners, lip plumper, and lip sticks, try something new like the LipSense Pink Champagne lip color. This amazing lip color is unlike any other product on the market because it actually works! Imagine purchasing a make-up product that you can get instant gratification from because of the great quality.

LipSense Pink ChampagneThis wet application lip color is better to use than the traditional lipstick for many reasons. For one, the lip color will not smudge, nor does it easily wipe off. This pink champagne lip color from LipSense allows the consumer to have a quick drying and water-resistant lip color to accompany them from day to night.

While some of the other lip color products on the market may offer a similar product, often, their products finish quickly and with lack-lasting results. A small tube of the Pink Champagne lip color with last dozens of applications. The trick is that you should only need one or two applications of this lip color per day due to its long-lasting wear.

It is important that a company discloses their ingredients to the consumers to avoid unwanted complaints or incidents. The products from LipSense all use lead-free and paraben-free ingredients. Some other ingredients disclosed by LipSense for the Pink Champagne lip color product are: LipSense® Acrylates/OctylacrylamideCopolyme, Silica,PaeoniaSuffruticosa (Tree Peony) Extract, andCitronellol. Many consumers may be unaware that a specific allergy may prevent them from using this lip color. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when checking ingredients.

LipSense Pink Champagne Lip ColorSince this is a non-smudge and long-lasting lip color, it is a huge plus for teenage girls looking to try their first lip colors! The soft and sweet color of the pink champagne adds more beauty to the consumer. While many parents do not revel in the idea that their little girls are growing up, the truth is the moment they start wearing make-up, your wallet will start to empty.

Fortunately, that is not the case with LipSense products. The LipSense Pink Champagne lip color can cost between $20-$25 and will not break the bank. Unfortunately for parents of teenage girls, there is no way to tell if your daughter has received a first kiss because of the stain-free and non-smudging wear of the lip color.

While LipSense mostly likely did not improve their lip color products, it works out in the favor of freshly-kissed teenage girls. Other products on the market exhibit similar qualities as this lip color but when you use the product, these “advertisements” are false. Other products tend to be more expensive and have less long-lasting wear.

While this long-lasting pink champagne lip color from LipSense has some great qualities, it does come with some negative qualities. The first con about this product is the dryness that forms on and around your lips from the product. To render the product more efficient and useful to consumers, the constant long day wear of the color can dry out your lips. Another negative side effect to this product is the long application process. For the lip color to truly be a long-lasting product, the application process noted by LipSense should be followed to the T. The application process can include additional products such as a liner or gloss to render the product more efficient. This means extra money out of your product and that is not a good sign.

Overall the LipSense Pink Champagne lip color is a great product that is guaranteed to have a long-lasting effect on consumers. Purchasing lip colors from LipSense is easier than ever with the option to purchase online, in person, or from a LipSense sponsor. So, what are you waiting for? If you liked what you read, then get to purchasing a tube of the LipSense Pink Champagne lip color.