10 Stunning Tattoo Designs of Butterflies

Think about butterflies and you instantly connect them with gentleness, beauty, and warmth. Over the centuries, butterflies have been considered symbols of the soul. So, what better way to project your feminine, loving nature than with tattoo designs of butterflies. The interesting thing about these gorgeous creatures is that they are incredibly versatile in the hands of an inking artist. You can choose from tiny delicate motifs that sit pretty on a wrist or an ankle or large, colorful patterns that can dominate the canvas of your back, belly, or thighs. Read ahead for some exciting ideas you can use:

Delicate, Tantalizing Tattoo Designs of Butterflies

1. The 3D Butterfly Perched on Your Shoulder

The most beautiful butterfly tattoos designs come in a stunning array of colors. But, with an interesting addition. Your tattoo artist will design the ink with slight shadow that gives the impression that you actually have a butterfly perched on your skin. You can be sure of attracting a lot of second looks with these symbols.

2. The Charm of a Garden

Given that gardens and flowers are the favorite haunts of these magical creatures, carry the vistas with you in the form of a tattoo. Consider getting flowers with butterflies hovering over them.

Butterfly Tattoo3. Add Stars for the Fantasy Look

If it’s actual flowers and butterflies you’re working with, why not add the charm of other symbols and patterns like say, stars, delicate lines, and other floral patterns.

4. Why Stop at One

Depending in your idea of self-expression, you don’t need to stop at one. Have a kaleidoscope of butterflies, large and small belonging to the same genus floating and hovering up your arm or leg. Or, flaunt them on your back peeking through those backless tops all through summer.

5. Combine the Inking with a Piercing

If you’re open to being more adventurous, think about getting a combination of piercing and inking. And, a good spot is the belly button. Picture a lovely floral pin in the navel attracting a few colorful visitors that are hovering around. An absolutely fabulous idea for tattoo designs of butterflies.

6. Split the Pattern

In place of getting the entire butterfly inked on a specific section of your skin, you can also split the pattern into two parts and place one on either coordinating area of your body. For instance, get the inking on the backs of your hands, or the tops of your feet.

7. Watercolor Designs

While getting conventional butterfly designs is the way most artists go, you could try the latest in watercolor designs. Try a splash of pastel colors in soft hues and then imprint a bold black outline on the colorful background for a semi-abstract look.

Butterfly Tattoo8. Go for the Defined Look

If you don’t care for a whole array of colors (or, if you’re doing this for the first time), you could try the bold black inking. Your tattoo artist will help you choose from pretty motifs that you can get for the fingers, or say, behind the ear, peeking from under your hair as it swishes around.

9. Combine with a Message

Is there a message you would like to broadcast with your tattoo designs of butterflies? Talk to your inking artist about inscribing a few words with the tattoo. Think about some ethos you live by, or some lesson that life has taught you, and you’re good to go.

10. Butterflies for Men

If you’ve always thought butterfly tattoos were a girly thing, think again. Because boys are equally adept at sporting these creatures. Of course, tattoo designs of butterflies for men lean more towards the darker side with more deeply defined colors and patterns. You might even see skulls woven into the wings.

Tattoo designs of butterflies are amazingly diverse and exciting. Check out the catalog your designer has. You might just be blown away by the magnificent array that seems to challenge nature.