How to remove SNS nails


There are currently a lot of trends in the nail world today and while most of it these trends are cool, neat, and unique, at the end, it will still depend upon your personal preference.

SNS nails are one of the trends that has been creating a buzz because of its style. SNS stands for Signature Nail System, a brand name for a type of dip powder manicure. The powder works not just by giving your nails a great gel-like appearance but it also helps straighten the nails. Unlike the regular gel manicure, the SNS nails system does not do damage to the nails  because it does not use a UV or LED light to dry the nails.

With SNS nails, the nails are coated with a gel base and then dipped into the powder. The powder is said to contain minerals such as calcium, vitamin E, and other vitamins to keep the nails healthy.

Removing SNS nails is usually done in the salon however, with proper research, it can also be safely done at home.

Below are tips from the experts in removing your SNS nails at home.

1. Removing SNS nails with acetone.

SNS nails can stay for a long period of time but when you notice it looking dull, you know it is time to remove it. You will need small square size aluminum foil and cotton balls to help remove the colors with acetone.

First, you saturate the cotton ball in acetone making sure it is wet and soaked enough to cover one nail. Place the soaked cotton ball on top of your nail and wrap it with a piece of aluminum foil. Let the acetone sit on your nails for 10 to 15 minutes and repeat step if necessary.

2. Removing SNS nails without acetone.

While this route may be longer, it is also effective. You just need a little more patience to do so. Instead of acetone, you can use a regular nail polish remover that is slightly milder.

Some nail polish remover also contains minerals and vitamins to protect the nails. You would also use the same step as when using alcohol in removing SNS nails with nail polish remover but it is going to take more time to remove the polish completely.

3. Removing SNS nails with Slow Drying Nail Polish.

Another effective method in removing SNS nails at home is to use a slow drying nail polish in the process. However, this will even take a longer time than using a regular nail polish remover. The solvent that is found in slow drying nail polish helps to break down the chemicals in SNS nails, resulting to it being removed.

4. Removing SNS nails through nail filing.

Some nail experts believe that using nail files can be an effective mean in removing SNS nails. Opinion may be divided on the risk but it works still. You need to have a lot of patience for this method to work. Buff away the shine of your nails using a big enough nail file with a fine grit. Nails will then become thin using this process but if you have no other choice you may try this method with of course, pre-caution.

5. Removing SNS nails with other household items such as distilled vinegar and alcohol.

These two widely used product at home can also be tools to remove SNS nails. Distilled vinegar is known for its cleaning property and alcohol for antiseptic but they have chemicals than can break out the composition of SNS nails.  To use vinegar or alcohol, soak your nails in the same way as you would with acetone. Make sure to let it stay longer.

The best way to remove your SNS nails is through the salon, with a nail professional. This is the quickest and safest process and you can easily have this when you are about to do a nail retouch. The methods stated above can be used only if you don’t have access in the salon and it is really urgent. But when you decide to remove it at home, make sure to have an after-care plan as well. Moisturize your hands and nails and let it rest for a bit before applying another SNS nails.